Q. Where is Mi4 Canada based out of?

A. Mi4 Canada is a Canadian based company with an office and repair center in Canada.

Q. What currency is the listed prices?

A. Prices are all Canadian Currency (CAD).

Q. Do mobile phones come with a warranty?

A. Yes, all mobile phones come with a 6 Months manufactures warranty. See Warranty and Returns for more details.

Q. Are the mobile phones on a Global Version?

A. Yes, all mobile phones come in Global Version on all mobile phones.

Q. Are the mobile phones unlocked?

A. Yes, all of Mi4 Canada’s mobile phones are unlocked.

Q. Why do you offer such a low price compared to buying mobile phones directly from manufacturer or major retailers?

A. Mi4 Canada is an efficient company that does not use markup prices as major retailers. We directly get our products from the manufacturer authorized distributor, not a third party re-seller. We utilize automatic order fulfillment to deliver packages quickly and cost-effectively to our customers all across North America.

Q. If my mobile phone has a problem and I want to make a return or exchange, where do I send it to and do you have an office in Canada?

A. Yes, we have a office and repair center in Canada you can send to for repairs or exchanges. See Warranty and Returns for more details.

Q. Where does my order ship from?

A. Orders are shipped from our Distribution Center in Canada or our third party logistics partner based in Toronto, Vancouver. Occasionally we ship from our partner Distributor from Hong Kong, Manufacturer’s Authorized Distributor depending on available stock.

Q. When will my order be shipped?

A. Most of our orders are automatically fulfilled within 2-3 business days from the date your payment is approved.

Q. Will I be provided a tracking number?

A. Tracking numbers are emailed to the account that was set up when you placed your order.

Q. Do you wholesale with Business to Business pricing?

A. Yes, we offer bulk pricing for most products that are subject to availability. You may sign up to receive weekly offers from Mi4 Canada.

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