Case cover for Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Transparent Silicone


1 year warranty

100% secure payment

1 month return

Covered buttons
The buttons are covered by the sheath as well, to help keep out dirt and grime, however, they are still easy to press.

The simple design, easy operation
The simple design with the skin ultra clear to show the natural beauty of the design of your phone. use with a single hand is also possible.

Excellent grip
The size is exact fit to the phone that provides the perfect amount of grip. It is comfortable in the hands. Neither the time nor the sweat of the hands will affect your ability to keep them safe. (He also does a good job of keeping it in your pocket!)

Premium TPU material
You can delay, effectively the case of the phone is yellow (this is due to the molecular structure of TPU, which contains benzene rings which absorb the light with ease; once synthesized, they will slowly turn yellow, but it will do so very slowly or not at all if not exposed to light. If it is exposed to the light, the heat treatment, the high temperature and high humidity, the speed at which it will become yellow will increase.).

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